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Vision Sound Has a 2 Hour Minimum To Reserve Studio Time.

Current Rate/$35.00-50.00 Per Hour

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Please Note:

* Additional Rates For Digital Audio Mastering.


The client is to provide their recording engineer with their own "Macintosh Formatted External Hard Drive." This drive is required for the artists complete protection and is used to create a back-up of your master recording sessions from our recording drives to yours. Vision Sound Inc. claims no rights to the performances created in our facility unless otherwise agreed in writing. Vision Sound Inc. provides a service and a service only, furthermore we strongly support the artist’s rights of ownership of their own recordings, music and performances. Please copyright your own performances by visiting

Ask your recording engineer to back-up your master recordings during the last 15 minutes of your scheduled recording time.

Many clients assume that recording studios in today's world keeps a copy of your recording sessions in their possession after you leave, please DO NOT assume this. Please never leave your recording sessions in our care assuming that we are going to protect them. Protect your master recordings at all times and make 100% sure you always have a copy of your revised master recording sessions in your protected possession at all times.

If you choose to not back-up your master recording sessions to your own provided hard drive, Vision Sound Inc. assumes no liability in any way if your master recording sessions are lost from our company hard drives for any reason at any time. We do not advertise that we are a mastering recording storage facility, please protect your mastering recoring sessions at all tmes.


Vision Sound is a Full-Service Digital Audio Recording Studio located just south of Jacksonville, Florida.
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